Black History Month

2 October 2017

Black History Month

Black History month is a national celebration every October; ‘Black History Month is essential in promoting learning, providing information and contributing to community cohesion. For the past 30 years it has shone, and continues to shine, a beacon of light on the facts about Black history, heritage, legacy and the on-going struggles for equality and justice.’ Lord Ouseley

At Abbey Wood Nursery School we have a week of celebrating our heritage in the local area. We have planned a week of events that we would like to invite you to, please see the class teams or Gill if you require more information.

One of the things that we are trying to do is to build a bank of stories being told in different languages. We would love to video you so that we can show the stories back to the children. We will then be able to use them in the future to help children who are having difficulties in settling into nursery.

Below is the programme for this October.

Monday 16th October - We will introduce the children to our focus book for the week. This will be ‘Handa’s surprise’, we will be acting out the story for the children, parents are welcome at 11.30 (morning children) and 2.45 (Full time and afternoon children)

We would also like it if you child could bring in their favourite book that we can share with all the children.

Tuesday 17th October – we have booked a storyteller who will be coming in and spending the day with us.

Wednesday 18th October – Bring your dad to school day, this is a day when we ask if any dads, uncles or grandads could come along and spend some time (even half an hour), seeing what the children do and telling a story!

Thursday 19th October – This is the day when it would be great if we could have as many stories as possible being read in other languages.

Friday 20th October – A day to dress up in a national costume or favourite book character and celebrate the busy week we have just had.


We will also have a range of books on sale for £3 most days at the beginning and end of the session.