Week 1

This week’s story is ‘Where Oh Where is Rosie’s Chick’ read by Sophia from Star Room. The book is by Pat Hutchens, all about a cheeky chick that gets up to mischief. See if you can spot her! We’ve chosen this story because we’ve been looking after some eggs in nursery that have hatched into chicks. If you have picked up an activity pack from Nursery then you can watch this story before trying some of your chick themed 'week 1' activities.




Another story about chickens is ‘Handa’s Hen’ – read here by Leah from Space Room. This is a counting book by Eileen Browne and has lots of opportunities for you to count along at home, pause the video while counting the animals if we’re going a bit too fast! Leah will also sing one of our Hello songs and the school goodbye song known as ‘Open Them Shut Them’. The words to these songs are in a document below if you and your child want to learn them together. 



Thank you to Yvonne for singing ‘Spring Chicken’ as a new song for us to learn. The lyrics are in a document below as well as in the video. Our fluffy puppet friend sounds a bit more like a duck than a chicken! Maybe you can make a better chicken noise to go along with the song?



Song Words


Have a go at some of our chick themed activities while you’re at home!


Chick Activities


Chicks 2020

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